Dara Friedman

My first class was in November of 2012. Like many others, I was dragged to class by a friend who was helping me heal after the death of my father less than 8 months earlier. I was physically, emotionally and completely heart broken and was doing anything I could to find some peace in my life. I needed a distraction to my pain and began practicing 5 – 9 times a week. Less then a month later it happened…

I smiled for the first time in the nine months after I lost my dad. I kept waiting for my feelings of peace to melt away but they never did. Less than 5 months after my first class I was off to teacher training.

It turned out that my father passing away was just the warm up to a series of losses in my family, culminating with the death of my boyfriend or 15 years. Had I not had the love and support of my yoga community I am certain I wouldn’t have survived that loss.

Within a year of graduating teacher training I was managing 2 studios in Oregon and in October of 2015 I purchased Bikram Yoga Vancouver. This yoga has saved my life in so many ways and has guided me to the person that I am, a person that I never thought I could be. I am so honored to be a Bikram yoga teacher and studio owner and I hope that everyday I can continue to share the gift that yoga has given me to anyone who wants it.