Erika Lasee

Like many, Erika was dragged into her first Birkam Yoga class by a friend.  From the first class she knew this was something very special.  She was hooked.  

At first Bikram Yoga was just a workout for Erika.  However, over the years it has become so much more.  Suffering from anorexia as a teenager and anxiety as an adult, in the hot room Erika learned to fall in love with herself and eliminate her anxiety.  

After a year of practicing she knew she wanted to share with others this wonderful gift of Bikram Yoga.  .  In Fall 2007 she completed Birkam Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching in Seattle.   After three years of teaching, Erika opened Vancouver’s first Bikram Certified Studio in May 2010.

Yoga has brought about incredible mind, body and soul transformation to her life.  Erika is a passionate teacher who believes in the never-ending potential in each student.  She strives to create an environment that is nurturing, fun and rewarding.  She motivates her students with encouragement and understanding to challenge themselves to move beyond any perceived limitations and gain maximum benefits from their practice.  She feels very fortunate to be able to share her believe and passion for the yoga with other people through teaching Bikram Yoga.