Willow Newborn

It was nothing short of faltering health that brought Willow to her first Bikram Yoga class in 2000.  A variety of illness symptoms plagued her daily life and visits to the physician only led to a handful of prescriptions that she was told she could expect to take the rest of her life. This was not acceptable to Willow.

Determined to find another way, Willow decided that all she needed was a better way to manage her stress.  Either out of inspiration or intuition, she decided yoga had to be the answer.  With very little research, Willow chose the yoga studio closest to her work, which happened to be a Bikram Yoga studio. It was NOT love at first sweat.  Convinced she would never return, Willow was surprised to wake up the following morning feeling fantastic, full of energy, and most importantly with some immediate relief from the daily symptoms she experienced.  Willow returned that same day to take her second class and from that moment on was hooked.  Within six months, Willow was free of all symptoms and pharmaceuticals.  Willow knew she had found something special.  

Although it was not until Spring 2002 that Willow was able to attend Teacher Training, she knew within weeks that she wanted to teach and share this healing, transformative yoga.  Willow feels fortunate to be part of the Bikram Yoga Vancouver community.  When she’s not teaching, she can be found sweating it out in the hot room.

Willow teaches a clear and concise class with a focus on alignment and the benefits of a regular consistent yoga practice.