Yoga Etiquette

We strive to provide all of our students a peaceful and concentrated atmosphere in the hot yoga room to learn and practice Bikram Yoga. In order to achieve this we ask that all those attending class adhere to the following yoga etiquette.

FRONT ROW: The front row helps to lead the class so if you put your mat there we ask that you set an example for those around you. We need the most focused and disciplined students up the front so if you have an injury or you are not feeling 100% please move back to the second or third row.

MAINTAIN SILENCE IN THE YOGA ROOM: Please be silent in the yoga room. Walk in and out of the yoga room quietly and close the door quietly behind you. The class is practiced in silence. Breathing, concentration, focus, and silence are core skills of a strong yoga practice. 

WATER:  If required, the best time to drink water is between sets of postures.  Try to avoid drinking water during the first three postures as you are working on warming up your body and cold water slows down this process.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS AND CELL PHONES:  Please leave outside the yoga room in the changing rooms provided.

CLASS STARTS ON TIME: Please respect your fellow yogis and teachers by being on time. Late comers will not be admitted.

MAT PLACEMENT: Place your mat mindfully, maintain a line with other students and make sure you see yourself in the mirror. Using the mirrors will help you build the connection between mind and body, focus, balance, and posture. Please do not block the person behind you.

SWEATING: You are likely to sweat during your class.  It’s your bodies way of cooling down so allow it to happen. Try not to wipe the sweat as it is the body?s natural cooling mechanism.  In the beginning, you might find it hard to hold on in certain postures because of the sweat.  Just keep practicing and over time your grip will get stronger.  This is beneficial for your fingers and forearms in preventing arthritis among other benefits.  This is how the yoga helps our entire body from the fingertips to the toes.  Using hand towels to wipe the sweat, or help with your grip reduces these benefits.

STAY IN THE YOGA ROOM:  Your only goal always, is to stay in the room for the duration of class.  Staying in the room is the best way for your body to get used to the heat and get the full benefits; also strengthening your mind and determination.  Take as many breaks as your body needs and join back in when you are ready.  It is never about doing every single posture, it is always about listening to your body and its needs.

BREATHE:  Remember to slow down and breathe in and out through your nose, it lowers your heart rate and calms your nervous system. Breathing continuously will make the class easier for you.  Always breathe through your nose, mouth closed.

STILLNESS:  Practice stillness between each posture.  Moving around will only distract you and heat your body up even more.